Rabbit Hash the Movie Rabbit Hash - The center of the universe
What Kind of People, in what kind of town in America would elect a DOG as their Mayor?
This is a true story...trust us, we couldn't make this stuff up!

Director                        Jude Gerard Prest
Producers Jude Gerard Prest
Chris Carrington
Dave Thies
Co-Producer Brian Honnican
Executive Producers Jude Gerard Prest
Chris Carrington
Dave Thies
Written by Jude Gerard Prest
Editor Julie Lucas
Sound Design David Knauer
Music Mix David Knauer
Director of Photography Dave Thies
Production Design John Mazzola
Original Score Jeff Cardoni
Original songs Noah Hunt
Tom Taylor
rabbit hash general store

wynonna judd
  • Wynonna Judd as Herself
  • Don Clare as Himself
  • Andy (Doc) Baker as Himself
  • Louis Scott as Himself
  • Clifford Pottorf as Himself
  • Tom Taylor as Himself
  • The Honorable Bruce Ferguson as Himself
  • Goofy Borneman as Himself
  • Jude Gerard Prest as Himself
  • Ed Borneman as Himself
  • Beverly Borneman as Herself
  • Barbara Fallis as Herself
  • Dale Bardes as Himself
  • Barara Bardes as Herself
  • Mike Fletcher as Himself
  • Terrie Marksbery as Herself
  • Ruby Young as Herself
  • Rachel Marie Plogsted as Herself
  • Brooke Green as Herself
  • Jan Keene as Herself
  • Jane Burch Cochran as Herself
  • Betty Avril as Herself
  • Werneth Avril as Herself
  • William Burleigh as Herself
  • Anne Burleigh as Herself
  • Brandon Scott as Himself
  • Amy Scott as Herself
  • Sarah Grace Scott as Herself
  • Robbie James as Himself
  • Mary Francis Shinkle as Herself
  • Bear the Dog  as Goofy
  • Lulu the Pig  as Herself & Miss Piggy
  • Higgins the Donkey as Himself
  • Dr. Dre as  Dog in Music Video
  • Rober Benzanilla as Autopsy Doctor #1
  • Chris Carrington as Autopsy Doctor #2
2nd Unit Directors David Thies
Chris Carrington

Construction Coordinator

Paul Shore
Set Decorator Donald Streamer
Set Medic Evan Liss

David Thies
Chris Carrington
Joe Ochman
Michael Cramer

Assistant Camera Chris Smethwick
Still Photographer Tony Attaysmith

Additional sound Mix

John Karrawwgn
Boom Operators

Keith Roberts
Gebart Delvechio

Hair and Makeup

Au Natural
Big Bone Hair Salon

Asst to Mr. Prest Porsche Cujaz
Asst to Mr. Carrington Nick Spiro
Asst to Mr. Theis Jebb Brien
Animal Wranglers

Roxanne Stamm
Sue Clare
Donnie Clare


Honicans by the Lake Catering

Craft Services

 “I got food…who needs food”
Marni Theis
Carol and Herb Helbrun

Transportation RV’s Just for Fun Rentals
Bill TThies
Travel Arrangements Palouse Travel
Camie Levy
Offline Ass’t Editor Keith Roberts
Animations Brian Honnican

Additional Animations

Julie Lucas
Ritchie Rivera Paslio


Animations And Equipment

TVACOM Productions, Cincinnati Ohio

Post Production

Sound Knight Thyme Productions
Sound Editor David Knauer
Assistant Sound Editor Robert Tatim
Sound Mixer David Knauer

Special Thanks: 

The Entire Town of Rabbit Hash

Boone County Sheriff's Department

The City of Cincinnati, Ohio

Ynez Taylor for telling me about Rabbit Hash

Tony Nau

Channel 5 News, Cincinnati, Ohio

Channel 9 News, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sue Claire

Brandon Scott

Rondal Richardson

Kerri ?

Wynonna Inc.

Wynonna Judd

Jason Alexander for thinking the idea was funny

The town of Rising Sun, Indiana

The Rabbit Hash Swat Team, Fire Department and …?

Clark Graff


Motion Works


Joe Ochman

Michael Cramer

Big Bone Lick, Sugar Tit and Beaver Lick for actually having those names 

No animals were harmed during the making of this motion picture.  Any road kill was already dead when we filmed it.  And even that went to good use since Clifford probably had it for dinner.  We shot a bee, but that was only an animation…not a real bee.   

We love animals.   

We would have loved to have known Goofy… 

We had nothing to do with his death. 

Rabbit Hash is a real town.  The people in this film are real people.  Any resemblance to the characters is not coincidental.  It’s because they are real.   

Did I mention that we love animals? 

If you want to run your favorite pet or former baby food salesman for mayor, contact the city of Rabbit Hash for any news of an upcoming election.